youtube 上很火的 【中国】09 阅兵视频 !

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  2009 中国阅兵!


  1、Michael McCallister, Seattle, WA, 06/10/2009 05:18:

  Mr. Barron from Dorset thinks that China has law and order; I can't imagine how he reached that conclusion. I lived there for six years and only recently returned to America. Crime is rampant in China. Counterfeiting is rife and foreigners are the prime target. Thievery is the norm. Domestic violence is on the rise. In the last seven years 50,000 officials have been arrested per year for bribery and other forms of corruption. Should I mention crimes against the environment? Perhaps not; it should be obvious. Law and order, indeed. The average Chinese person wouldn't know the rule of law if it jumped up and bit their nose. For them, laws are suggestions - nothing more.

  多西特郡的Barron 师长教师认为中国考究司法和次序递次。(这条评论在8楼)我不能想像他是若何得出这个结论的。



  2、Woefull Texan, Sunsets on American Empire, USA, 04/10/2009 04:14:

  They see we the "emperor" have no clothes- literally! I quote, "We will strengthen efforts to develop and manage Internet culture. We will ensure order in the cultural market and continue to combat pornography and illegal publications. This is an element of American Decline that must be managed skillfully." We cannot compete with China when they are using capitalism as a socialist tool to reduce the capitalist USA to a client state of Chinese Hegemony.




  3、Russell, San Diego, 03/10/2009 06:19:

  Wish i was Chinese ,can't help admiring those beauties ,they are smart ,smarter woman smarter men,they mean business with all that display of might.Great China.keep it up.